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A black and white portrait pictur of artist and designer Milan Sipek son of Borek Sipek


The journey of Sipek Design began with Milan Sipek and his wife Sherill. The company was founded with the goal of architectural designs, expanding soon after to include projects such as furniture collections, glassware and other products. 
After two decades, Sipek Design has made a proud return to Europe to stay in close touch with the Sipek family and complete its identity as a multi-talented team. ​

We tirelessly dedicate ourselves to a grand scope of artwork and designs, some of which we humbly present in our webshop for like-minded creatives to appreciate.

A grander range of our projects and designs are available on our Sipek Design website, you can read up all the Sipek news on our Blog page!

Artist and designer Milan Sipek inspecting one of his light design at at workshop in China
A dramatic picture inside the Sipek Crystal glass studios of one of Milan Sipek glass design during the production process
A portrait image of architectural designer and artist Milan Sipek
A portait of artist and designer Dalibor Sipek

Dalibor Sipek

Photographer - Product Designer - Artist
Borek Sipek teaching his two sons Milan Sipek and Dalibor Sipek about glassblowing from a young age.

The name Sipek is world-renowned in design circles, our father Borek Sipek was a prolific architect, designer, and thinker. He is often referred to as the father of the Neo-Baroque style. We have learned a lot from him but we have also had the opportunity to create our own unique style. Milan Sipek has lived and worked in Asia for almost two decades and developed a number of his own brands and projects.

Although some of the projects we have done in the past are of a grand scale we have always maintained a small tight-knit family team. Times and styles change and also our preferred mediums of design tend to evolve, so you will find a wide range of items on this site we have poured our hearts into.

Milan Sipek

Architectural Designer - Product Designer - Artist


 We enjoy making it, hope you enjoy owning it.


 We enjoy making it, hope you enjoy owning it.

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