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Black and white picture of designer and artist Milan Sipek

Milan Sipek

An artist unlimited by scope, Milan Sipek was born on 1984 in the city of Amsterdam. He is broadly recognized as an interior designer, landscape designer, product designer, and furniture designer, titles which he holds alongside his role as an architect, artist, and founder of attachment-style furniture brand “Morphit”. 


As the oldest son raised by the esteemed artists Bambi Uden and Borek Sipek, his journey as a designer began at seventeen when he and his father traveled worldwide to complete numerous projects. Notable achievements included the Czech presidential library, Hotel Neruda, and the Yu Garden renaissance Hotel in Shanghai


From then on, Milan worked in China on his own to establish Sipek Design, whereupon he further built a career in architectural and interior design. Clients that reached out to him began with exclusive private villas, eventually developing into large-scale hotel projects as well. Notable projects include the Mangrove Tree Resort Hotel, the Atlantis Hotel in Sanya and several villa’s in the exclusive JiuJianTang Villa complex.


His preponderous trail of achievements branched out in time toward artwork that served as highlighting decor, many of which were large-scale sculptures that include the unique Czech crystal glass. Much of his creations were not limited to simple grandiose size or material, but their interaction with both light and shadow, twisting and redefining themselves by the time of day. A patented design sprung up in that exploration, creating an arrangement of furniture with the freedom of size, pattern, and color at a whim’s notice. Morphit became the name of the brand, with a focus on providing accessible frames of furniture that can then be customized by smaller attachments that build up to a greater whole. 


Inspired by this new potential, Milan continues to pioneer in new realms of art and design, be it drawing from the experience of nearly two decades of professional accomplishments or delving into the unknown such as painting in both the virtual and physical realm.

Architectural Projects:


  • The Four Season Garden Villa’s, 

  • Shanghai JiuJianTang Villa’s, 

  • Shanghai Rose Garden Villa



  • Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel, 

  • Powerlong Franchise Hotel, 

  • Beijing Mercure Hotel, 

  • Shanghai Ibis Hotel, 

  • Empark Grand Hotel, 

  • ChimeLong HengQin Bay Hotel, 

  • The Sanya Mangrove Hotel, 

  • Sanya Atlantis Hotel



  • The UCity Commerical Sales Center of GuangDong FoShan

  • ShangLing Art Gallery

  • Ji Sheng Wei Bang Display Center

  • Shanghai International Medical Center

  • Shanghai YiDe Investment Management Company Building

  • MOMIC Designer Collection Store

  • Shanghai Crystal Theme Bar, 

  • YaLong Bay Executive Branch Bar Lounge

Large Scale Artworks:

  • Star Seed I - Powerlong Shopping Complex Shanghai

  • Star Seed II - Henda Shopping Complex Xian

  • 3 Little Birds - Powerlong Shopping Complex Shanghai

  • Cyberdine - Mangrove Tree Hotel Haiting Bay

  • Cyberdine II - Meridian Hotel Shanghai

  • Crystal Tree - Powerlong Shopping Complex Shanghai


  • Company - Sipek Design Co. Ltd.

  • Brand - Sipek Crystal

  • Brand - Morphit

  • Brand - Milan Sipek Design

  • Company - Sipek Design B.V.

black and white portrait picture of artist and designer MIlan Sipek
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