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A portrait of Czech artist and designer Dalibor Sipek son of Borek Sipek

Dalibor Sipek

Photographer and Designer Dalibor Sipek is born on 1986 in the city of Amsterdam. As the youngest brother of two, he was raised by the esteemed artists Bambi Uden and Borek Sipek. As he matured, Dalibor grew up to acquire a flare for photography, driving him to take up studies at Technicka Univerzita v Liberci with a major in Visual Communications, Film and Photography.


Dalibor’s career began as a photographer of glass artwork for the Sipek family business. As he developed deeper familiarity, he began to take part in designing and producing his own artwork. 


Over the years Dalibor has participated in numerous exhibitions around Europe, collaborating with artists across a broad spectrum of media, including but not limited to paintings, sculptures and glasswork. He is relied upon to design custom-made crystal objects for numerous exhibition, earning him a reputation for producing some of the most exclusive awards made of crystal glass, a privilege he hands out in Czech Republic every year. 


During the Covid outbreak, Dalibor designed and created a crystal gift that was gifted to 148 different  orphanages around the CZ as support and recognition for their efforts.


Currently, he resides in Czech Republic, continuing his exemplary work.

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Awards Designs

  • Designer of six consecutive awards for Esquire Man of the year CZ

  • Member of the Jury for Esquire man of the year CZ for two years

  • Designed of five consecutive awards for Tanec Praha Manager of the year

  • Designer of five consecutive awards and jury member for “Czech & Slovak Photogirl” and slated to continue making the awards for the forseeable future

  • Designer of the first annual trophy for Municipality of the city of Most CZ, “Srdcar Mostu” and slated to continue making the awards for the forseeable future

Associated Exhibtions 

  • Pocta Borkovi, glass from Borek Sipek, Dalibor Sipek and Milan Sipek, 2016, Glass Galerie Portheimka, Prague Czech Republic.

  • Pocta Borkovi, glass from Borek Sipek, Dalibor Sipek, 2017,Muzeum skla Karkonoskie, Jelenia Gora Poland.

  • Blizske Vzdalenosti, glass from Dalibor Sipek, Paintings from Pavlina Gardianova, 2017, Mestska galerie Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

  • Tvary a Barvy, glass from Dalibor Sipek, paintings from Pavlina Gardianova, 2017, Galerie Egermann, Novy Bor Czech Republic.

  • Exhibits for four years consecutively in an international exhibition “Art in Prague” and slated to continue to exhibit on a yearly basis 2018-2022+

  • I.G.S. 2018 Novy Bor, International Glass Symposium

A Czech crystal chandelier designed by Dalibor Sipek
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