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A romantic artistic image of two udao rocking rystal wine glasses hand made in the Czech Republic designed by Milan Sipek
A small limited edition series painting by Milan Sipek


a macro image of Milan Sipek's artwork

These Paintings are the manifestation of a collaborated work pioneered by artist Milan Sipek. His partner in this endeavor is none other than virtual reality and the machine that puts the vision into reality. Each piece is but a captured moment in an ever-expanding process, where the mind of the man can better influence the metal instruments that dance to each instruction. A ball captured in painting, each step composed in tandem, its context gently phrased in text to leave space for its performance.

3D lineArt paintings

By Milan Sipek

An acrylic painting on canvas by Milan Sipek

Sipek Crystal Glass Collection

Handmade in the Czech Republic

The Tipsy Reveller

A traditional Czech crystal glass cup that carries a modern humor, stranded as it is in a perpetual lean. It will roll and twirl with the world, as will it serve as a superb partner once the drink starts to swirl in hand. Fortunately, unlike those who imbibe, the glass is designed to never quite make it past tipping over. 

an artistic photograph of a hand blow czech crystal rocking whickey glass designed by Milan Sipek
A set of four multicolored rocking wine glasses in czech handblown crystal designed by Milan Sipek


Detail picture of a 3D Line Art painting by Milan Sipek
a large 3D line art painting of a female figure in acrylic on canvas made by Milan Sipek
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