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Milan Sipek: The Dedication to Art and Design in a Family of Crystal Artists

An Interview with Milan Sipek and Insights into His Unique Design Philosophy by Shanghai Vogue

Milan Sipek comes from a family of top crystal artists in the world. His grandfather and grandmother occupy an important position in the history of world glass art, while his father, Borek Sipek, is a world-renowned architect and crystal artist. Even celebrities and dignitaries like Hillary Clinton, Tyson, and Leslie Cheung are proud to collect the Sipek family brand.

Get a glimpse into the world of glass art as Milan Sipek inspects samples at the renowned Sipek Crystal Glass Works.
Inside the Sipek Crystal Glass Works: Milan Sipek Examines Glasswork Samples

We interviewed Milan Sipek and his assistant, Sherrill, in a quiet cafe on Anfu Road in Shanghai. Though he may look more like a big boy than the mature image in his brochure, Sipek's dedication to his craft is unmistakable. He works tirelessly, often more than ten hours a day, and his strict attention to detail is evident in all his designs.

Learn about the esteemed family of glass artists that inspired Milan Sipek's lifelong passion for design and creativity.
A Family Tradition: Borek Sipek and Rene Roubicek, Father and Grandfather of Milan Sipek

Born in Amsterdam, Sipek lived in the Czech Republic until he was 16 years old. As a child, he knew he wanted to be a designer, and the seed of this dream was planted in his heart early on. He received a set of toolbox toys on his eighth birthday and spent the entire afternoon building a small bookshelf that he could place on the bathtub and read while taking a bath. This was his first design.

Discover the family bond and artistic legacy as Borek Sipek shares his passion for glass art with his young sons, Milan and Dalibor.
Passing the Torch: Borek Sipek's Glasswork Lessons for His Sons

Though Sipek may have been born into a life of opportunity, his father never gave him a chance to be spoiled. Since the age of 17, Sipek has been traveling with his father all over the world, working on art creation, architecture, and interior design. At the age of 20, he was invited by Czech President Havel to complete the design of the Czech President's Office.

 Indulge in luxury as you experience the stunning design of the YuYuan Renaissance Hotel's spa lobby, crafted by the renowned designer Milan Sipek.
Relax in Style: The Spa Lobby at the YuYuan Renaissance Hotel, Designed by Milan Sipek

When he was 23, Sipek received a project from the Shanghai Renaissance Hotel and thought it would be an ordinary job. He never expected to stay in China for more than ten years and complete one project after another. Sipek learned Chinese by himself and was able to master professional vocabulary like "glass" and "cement" with repetition.

Marvel at the beauty and innovation of Milan Sipek's largest crystal creation, the stunning Crystal Tree with its luxurious Czech colored crystals.
The Crystal Tree: Milan Sipek's Masterpiece of Glass Art

Sipek's dedication to his craft has resulted in some amazing pieces, such as the tallest crystal tree in the world, located in Shanghai's Baolong Plaza. The tree stands 7 meters tall with a crown of 6 meters and has beautiful leaves of luxurious Czech colored crystals, all handmade. Sipek designed the tree with lovers in mind, as they can approach it and gaze at its shimmering leaves.

Experience the innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship of Milan Sipek's Morphit Furniture, featured in the elegant Le Méridien Hotel in Shanghai.
Modern Twist: Morphit Furniture at Le Méridien Hotel, Shanghai

Sipek has also created a new category of furniture design called plug-in furniture, which he exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair in Italy. He obtained three design patents for his creations, and they were so popular that collectors purchased them on the spot.

Join the global design community and witness Milan Sipek's groundbreaking Morphit Furniture steal the spotlight at the renowned Salone del Mobile in Milan.
Cutting-Edge Design at Salone del Mobile: Milan Sipek's Morphit Furniture Takes the Stage

Milan Sipek's dedication to his craft is unwavering, and he still works on his creations late into the night. His assistants and colleagues work tirelessly to maintain his independent creativity and prevent any unnecessary disturbances. Milan's passion for design and art shines through in every project he takes on. His dedication and hard work are evident in the beautiful pieces he has created, from stunning crystal trees to innovative furniture designs. Milan's family history in crystal artistry and architecture has undoubtedly influenced his own work, but his unique creativity and attention to detail set him apart. As Milan Sipek continues to create and innovate, it will be exciting to see what beautiful works of art he will bring to life in the future.


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