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U-City Sales Center Design by Milan Sipek in Foshan Guandong

Creating a High-Impact Space for Real Estate Marketing

A photo of the main atrium in the U-City sales center, featuring a large atrium, intricate flying staircase, and a butterfly pattern on the back wall.
The Main Atrium of the U-City Sales Center in Foshan, designed by Milan Sipek

Milan Sipek and his Shanghai design team were tasked with creating a sales center for a real estate company in the U-City project in Foshan, Guandong. With an area of 900 sqm and completion in 2015, this project was a unique opportunity for the team to showcase their architectural and interior design skills.

A computer generated image of the grand entrance of the U-City Sales Center designed by Milan Sipek and his Shanghai team.
3D Design Render of Grand Entrance of U-City Sales Center

The design of the sales center was inspired by the real estate development created by the client, and Sipek Design was tasked with creating a space that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The design features numerous custom-designed elements throughout the space, including a grand entrance between two large wall slabs that are angled inwards, in combination with a rising slope in the floor and a mirrored slope in the ceiling, creating a distorted perspective that makes the entrance seem far longer and grander.

 Photo of the modern and sleek exterior of the U-City real estate sales center featuring an angled entrance and custom designed facade.
Exterior of the U-City Real Estate Sales Center in Foshan, China

As guests enter the sales center, they arrive at a custom-designed service counter before entering the main space with a large atrium where the 3D model of the real estate development is displayed. A custom-made flying staircase gives access to the gallery and private sales offices on the second floor. The large back wall of the atrium is covered in a custom-designed butterfly pattern, which pays homage to one of the butterfly-shaped towers designed by Borek Sipek (Milan Sipek's father) as part of the real estate development.

Interior of U-City sales center atrium in Foshan Guangdong featuring a grand entrance, custom-designed butterfly pattern and intricate flying staircase
The Atrium of the U-City Real Estate Sales Center

The second floor is connected by a bridge that spans across the atrium gap, and in front of two floor-to-ceiling "live green walls". The sales center also features a bar area, an outdoor terrace, a gallery space, private sales rooms, and bathroom facilities. Sipek Design also created custom-made lighting elements and furniture items to complete the design, ensuring that every aspect of the space was perfectly tailored to the client's needs. The sales center in the U-City project in Foshan Guandong is a testament to the architectural and interior design skills of Milan Sipek and his team, and a prime example of the level of detail and customization they are capable of delivering to their clients.

A photo of the tea bar in the Foshan U-City sales center viewed from the bridge, featuring intricate design details and custom furnishings.
View of the tea bar from the bridge in the Foshan U-City sales center


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