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The Yuyuan Renaissance Hotel Project by Sipek Design

A Look into Milan Sipek's First Project in China

Milan Sipek joined his father Borek Sipek who was invited to work on the Renaissance Hotel project by the Yuyuan gardens in downtown Shanghai, which marked their first project in China. The 20,000 sqm hotel was completed in 2008 and included the design of the spa and gym areas, a shopping mall, and custom crystal art installations.

Image of an infinity-edged swimming pool in the YuYuan Renaissance Hotel in downtown Shanghai, offering breathtaking views of the city.
The Infinity Pool at the YuYuan Renaissance Hotel in Shanghai

The spa and wellness center, situated on the top two floors of the hotel, was the highlight of the project. It featured an infinity pool with an acrylic edge that offered hotel guests breathtaking views of Shanghai, both in and out of the water. The spa also had massage treatment rooms designed in the shape of glass diamonds, each equipped with private showers and changing rooms with views of the city.

 Image of the Main Foyer in the Yuyuan Renaissance Hotel Spa, featuring a Rock Carved Sofa and a Tea Bar, surrounded by Elegant Decor.
The Main Foyer of the Yuyuan Renaissance Hotel Spa Features a Unique Rock Carved Sofa and a Relaxing Tea Bar

The main foyer of the spa had a rock-carved sofa made by Milan Sipek, which not only served as a unique design feature but also concealed existing air ducts. Much of the furniture in the spa was custom-made by the Sipek design team, including the luxurious sofas for foot massages which are well-known in China.

Interior view of the glass massage room and hydro massage room in the spa at the Yuyuan Renaissance Hotel in Shanghai, China.
The Glass Massage Room and Hydro Massage Room at the Yuyuan Renaissance Hotel Spa

In addition to the spa, the project included designs for the changing rooms, the gym facilities with views of the Shanghai skyline, a water bar and a tea bar, two custom-made glass staircases, water features, and a hydro-massage treatment room.

Image of luxurious custom designed foot massage chairs in the spa at the Yuyuan Renaissance Hotel.
The custom designed foot massage chairs at the Yuyuan Renaissance Hotel spa.

The Yuyuan Renaissance Hotel project in Shanghai was a successful project for the Sipek team, and it showed their capability to work on large-scale projects in China.

Project: Renaissance Hotel Yuyuan

Total Area: 20,000 sqm

Location: Shanghai, China

Date of Completion: 2008

Designed By: Borek Sipek and Milan Sipek, Sipek Design Team


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