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Milan Sipek's Breath-taking Jiu Jin Tang Villa Project

A Luxurious and Customized Modern Home

An image of the garden-facing side of Milan Sipek's Nine-Room Villa, showcasing the marble facade and two layers of waterfalls.
The Garden-Facing Side of Milan Sipek's Jiu Jin Tang Villa

Milan Sipek's Jiu JIn Tang Villa project is a stunning example of a completely redesigned and custom-built modern home. Located in a residential area, the villa covers an area of 1,300 square meters and has an interior space of 1,200 square meters. The building is L-shaped, with the main sunken garden surrounded by the house, providing a private setting. The side facing the residential area is painted white to match the overall style of the neighborhood, while the side facing the garden is made of marble with two layers of waterfalls, creating a luxurious and grand appearance.

An image of the main living room of Milan Sipek's Nine-Room Villa, featuring an open floor plan, custom furniture, and a view of the surrounding gardens.
The Main Living Room of Milan Sipek's Jiu Jin Tang Villa

Milan Sipek collaborated with father Borek Sipek on this project and the design for the Jiu JIn Tang Villa places a strong emphasis on the interactivity and flow of the spaces. All areas except for the five bedrooms are open and interconnected, and the indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly integrated through the inclusion of four gardens and three plant-filled terraces.

An image of the residential-facing garden of Milan Sipek's Nine-Room Villa, showcasing the white exterior paint, plant-filled terraces, and private setting.
The Residential-Facing Garden of Milan Sipek's Jiu Jin TangVilla

The project, which took three years from design to occupancy, features a wide range of custom designs, including plaster lines, glass wall patterns, mosaic floor patterns, sinks, stairs, railings, doors, furniture, and lighting.

An image of the library in Milan Sipek's Nine-Room Villa, featuring a custom-designed ceiling and a selection of books.
The Library with Custom-Designed Ceiling in Milan Sipek's JIu Jin Tang Villa

Overall, Milan Sipek's Nine-Room Villa is a truly luxurious and customized modern home that beautifully blends indoor and outdoor spaces to create a sense of flow and interactivity throughout.

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