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Milan Sipek Answers his Most Frequently Asked Questions on Instagram

These are some of the Most Frequent Questions from his Instagram followers.

Milan Sipek is a talented artist and designer who creates captivating paintings using a CNC machine. His innovative approach to painting has garnered attention from art lovers around the world, and he frequently receives questions about his process and work. In this blog post, we will be answering some of the most frequent questions asked by Milan's followers on Instagram.

a detailed picture of blue and red acrylic paint "ribbons"
Intricate ribbons of paint deposited by Milan Sipek's painting machine.

  1. What is the name of the plastic tip or nozzle you use to deposit paint? Milan has designed the plastic tip or nozzle himself and prints them out using a resin 3D printer. He has created dozens of variations over the past two years while experimenting with his painting process. The nozzle does not have an official name.

  2. Are you open to commissions? Yes, Milan is open to commissions. He works digitally, so he can consult with clients during the process before the painting begins. If you're interested in a commissioned painting, you can contact Milan through the website.

  3. Do you sell prints of your finished paintings? Currently, Milan only sells prints of his macro photography that captures the fresh paint lines just laid out by the CNC machine. He feels that much of the depth and intricate textures of the paintings will be lost in printing and therefore, does not sell prints of the finished paintings. However, he creates smaller paintings in series which are available on the website.

  4. What machine are you using to paint? Milan uses a CNC machine, often used for wood cutting and carving, to deposit the paint in intricate ribbons. He has developed a paint extruder and nozzles that allow him to do so. He also has created other attachments for the machine, including scrapers, brushes, and burners, to add texture and depth to the paintings.

  5. How did you develop the idea for using a CNC machine for painting? While working as an architect and product designer in China, Milan had the opportunity to work with large-scale computer-aided machining. Upon his return to Europe, he used these skills to build his own machine and was free to explore its potential. At first, he attached markers to the machine, but over time, his ideas and the machine evolved into what it is today.

  6. How long does it take for the paintings to dry completely? The paintings take anywhere from a week to three weeks to dry completely, depending on the ambient temperature in the studio and the amount of paint deposited on the canvas. When dry, the acrylic paint turns into a rubbery material that retains some elasticity, and the texture and relief in the paint ribbons remains.

  7. How do you create the figures for your paintings? Milan creates the figures for his paintings using VR software. He uses a variety of programs to sculpt 3D models in a VR environment, which are then exported to desktop CAD software. The lines traced in the CAD software become the path for the CNC machine.

  8. Where can I find your large paintings? Milan's large paintings are all displayed on the portfolio page of If you open the detail page of a painting by clicking on it, you will see a button labeled "Enquire." Click this and fill out the form to receive a quote. Small paintings are available for sale directly on the shop page of

A bright and vibrantly coloured painting by Milan Sipek made by VR drawing and machine painting.
The process video of this painting received over 1.8 million views on Instagram

We hope this blog post has answered some of the questions you may have had about Milan Sipek and his paintings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him through his website if you have any further questions or if you’re interested in commissioning a painting.


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