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Experience the Magic of Milan Sipek's VR and CNC Paintings

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Innovative Art That Blends Technology and Tradition

Milan Sipek is an artist whose work has garnered recognition and praise for its innovative blend of art and technology. Using virtual reality (VR) and a paint projection nozzle, Sipek creates mesmerizing paintings that offer a limitless perspective and space. His unique approach to creating art has received praise for its dreamy and captivating results.

An abstract painting by Milan Sipek with vibrant colors and swirling patterns, created using virtual reality and a CNC machine.
A mesmerizing masterpiece by Milan Sipek, created using VR and a paint projection nozzle.

To achieve these results, Sipek combines various techniques, both digital and analog, in a thorough and rigorous process. He begins by designing in VR, and then uses a mechanical hand to guide the instruments that bring his vision to life. Each painting is carefully planned, with colors, patterns, and scale being considered before the process begins.

The process starts with creating a 3D model of a figure using VR glasses and software, which is then exported and edited through various desktop software before being converted into G-code to guide the movements of the CNC machine. The machine is customized with 3D printed attachments to achieve different effects on the canvas, and the process also includes preparing and loading the acrylic paint, creating a background, and filming the process. Sipek considers the most important steps to be those that take place on the computer, where he makes decisions about the composition, perspective, and pattern density of the designs.

An abstract painting by Milan Sipek, featuring bold brushstrokes and a vibrant color palette. The paint is still wet and glistening in this macro shot.
A close-up look at the intricate details of Milan Sipek's painting, captured just after the paint was applied.

The entire process from beginning to end takes approximately three weeks, and Sipek finds inspiration from a range of sources including his own experiences. He is currently working with human figures as the natural curves of the body translate well into the 3D work that he does, but he is also open to exploring other subjects in the future.

Sipek's art has received recognition for its innovative blending of art and technology, and he is excited to continue exploring the intersection of these two fields. He is also looking forward to exhibiting his work and connecting with art lovers and collectors around the world.

To get a glimpse of Milan Sipek's incredible paintings, be sure to check out his Instagram account @sipek_art, where he posts videos of his paintings. Several of these videos have been viewed millions of times, demonstrating the popularity and appeal of Sipek's unique artistic style. You can also visit the website to browse his entire painting portfolio and shop for design items created by the Sipek family, including hand-blown crystal art, paintings, and fashion items. Brothers Milan and Dalibor Sipek are the creative minds behind the brands and designs showcased on the site.

If you're interested in exploring the intersection of art and technology, be sure to check out Milan Sipek's amazing paintings made with VR and a CNC machine. His Instagram account @sipek_art is a great place to start, and the website offers a chance to see more of his work and shop for unique design items. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of Milan Sipek's innovative art!


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