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Milan Sipek's CNC Machine Art Featured on Art Insider

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Innovative paintings by Amsterdam-based artist Milan Sipek showcase the power of technology in art creation

Screenshot of Art Insider website featuring video of Milan Sipek's unique 3D Linear T paintings
Milan Sipek's 3D Linear T Paintings Featured on Art Insider Website

If you're an art lover and haven't yet checked out Art Insider, you're in for a treat. This respected online publication, a subsidiary of Insider based in New York, brings you the latest and greatest news in the art world. And recently, they featured the innovative paintings of Amsterdam-based artist Milan Sipek.

Milan is the owner of Sipek Design, a company that not only creates stunning paintings, but also designs buildings, furniture, and glass objects. To create his paintings, Milan first draws them digitally and then translates the design into code. A CNC (computer numerical control) machine then reads the code, allowing it to follow a path and deposit ribbons of paint along the way. The result is truly breathtaking – as evidenced by the 296,594 views the Art Insider video featuring Milan's work has received.

Screenshot of Art Insider website featuring Milan Sipek's 3D LinearT painting
Milan Sipek's 3D LinearT Painting Featured on Insider's Art Insider Channel

If you're interested in seeing more of Milan's paintings, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @sipek_art and visit his website at And if you're a fan of technology in art, be sure to follow Art Insider on Instagram at @insiderart and visit their website at for more amazing content.


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