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  • "Never Far From the Tree" Series  3/12
  • "Never Far From the Tree" Series  3/12

"Never Far From the Tree" Series 3/12

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Every walk of life and every road taken stems from a singular thread. That final sculpture found in the twist and turns reveals itself only when a new story is ready to be passed on. Branch as we may, the world that is the canvas we find ourselves within does little to conceal the faint link between one another. 


This art depicts multiple backgrounds featuring a silhouette drawn by a singular line. While the former changes, the latter remains ever true to itself.


    - Materials: Acrylic painting on exotic wood Veneer in wood frame

    -Dimensions of Artwork: 14cm x 19cm

    -Dimensions of Frame: 23cm x 32cm x 3cm

    -Series Number: 3/12


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