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A 3D Line art acrylic painting by Milan Sipek
Dimensions: 70cm x 120cm x 4.5cm




Materials: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Dimensions: 70cm x 120cm x 4.5cm

Artist: Milan Sipek

This painting imparts a sense of restriction against an otherwise colorful context, keeping the shape contained rather than develop its own free form.

To land oneself among the vibrant tales of marvelous people is to stand within the bounds of splendor. In that glory, the laurels rest unbothered, the floor of even the most bitter praise raised high enough to remain flattering nonetheless. Yet it is the very nature of common accolade that the cage is set, the mind herded into a particular realm where all definition point only in one direction. Prestige binds as does it limit, a grandiose but singular swath of paint to run its course over every body of work.

Photo & Videography: @sipek_art

Texts: Xuqin Cheng (Jeremy)

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