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Discover the Remarkable Career of Milan Sipek - Artist and Designer Extraordinaire

From Shanghai Sipek Design Co. Ltd to Sipek Design B.V. in Amsterdam - Sipek's Talent and Innovation Know No Boundaries

A black and white portrait of Milan Sipek, the artist and designer known for his innovative approach to art and design. He is shown holding a vase, showcasing his talent in creating beautiful glassworks.
Caption: "Milan Sipek, the artist behind stunning glassworks and paintings, captured in a dramatic black and white image.

Milan Sipek is an artist and designer whose career has spanned a wide range of fields, including architecture, interior design, landscape design, product design, and furniture design. Born in Amsterdam in 1984, Sipek grew up in an artistic household, with his parents being esteemed artists Bambi Uden and Borek Sipek. At the age of seventeen, he traveled with his father to work on various projects around the world, including the Czech presidential library, Hotel Neruda, and the Yu Garden Renaissance Hotel in Shanghai.

This experience sparked a passion in Sipek for art and design, and in 2010 he founded Shanghai Sipek Design Co. Ltd in Shanghai, China. Over the next decade, Sipek worked on a variety of prestigious projects all over China, including private villas and large-scale hotel projects such as the Mangrove Tree Resort Hotel, the Atlantis Hotel in Sanya, and several villas in the JiuJianTang Villa complex. Sipek is known for creating artwork that serves as highlighting decor, including large-scale sculptures made from Czech crystal glass that are designed to interact with light and shadow.

An architectural rendering of the Main Lobby of the Mangrove Tree Hotel in Sanya, China. The design includes art installations created by Milan Sipek, adding a unique and artistic touch to the modern aesthetic.
A rendering of the Main Lobby of the Mangrove Tree Hotel in Sanya, China, featuring art installations by Milan Sipek.

In 2020, Sipek returned to Europe and settled in Amsterdam, where he founded Sipek Design B.V. His innovative spirit has continued to inspire him to explore new realms of art and design, including his recent work in creating paintings using virtual reality and a paint projection nozzle. This pioneering technique allows for a limitless perspective and space in the artwork, and Sipek's dedication to testing and combining various techniques to achieve the results he desires has garnered him recognition and praise in the art world.

An abstract painting by Milan Sipek, featuring a female figure surrounded by swirling brushstrokes and pops of turquoise and yellow. The bold color palette and dynamic composition create a mesmerizing visual experience.
A mesmerizing painting by Milan Sipek featuring a female figure in vibrant turquoise and yellow hues.

If you're a fan of innovative art and design, then you won't want to miss the opportunity to learn more about the remarkable career of Milan Sipek. From his early travels and work with his father, to his establishment of Shanghai Sipek Design Co. Ltd and Sipek Design B.V., Sipek's talent and innovation know no boundaries.

To learn more about Sipek and his work, be sure to check out his website and follow him on social media. You can also visit the website to browse and shop for a range of design items created by the Sipek family, including hand-blown crystal art, paintings, and more.

Whether you're an art lover, a design enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates talent and innovation, there is something for everyone to discover and enjoy in the work of Milan Sipek. So don't wait - start exploring and find your next artistic treasure today!


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